A top photographer in Ilford

Weddings, teen parties, family get togethers, business events � these are just some of the occasions when you might need a photographer in Ilford, a town that�s forever linked to the photographic industry. Many local photographers specialise in one specific area, such as weddings, public events or studio work, making it difficult to select a firm to meet your needs. However, there is one professional photographer in Ilford offering a full range of photographic services covering everything from baby photographs to nightclub flyers - Ross Holding Photography is a local, family run firm offering all the latest, modern photography services.

One of the most popular reasons for booking a photographer in Ilford is a family wedding. The town has a number of attractive churches and religious buildings, covering all faiths, plus some attractive civic venues � including the wonderfully named Valentines Mansion. Featuring elegant 17th century function rooms, a spectacular grand staircase and enchanting walled gardens, it offers endless opportunities for the creative wedding photographer. Another Ilford venue popular for weddings is the Grade II listed Redbridge Town Hall, which is also used for social and business functions.

The versatility and professionalism of Ross Holding Photography means he is regularly in demand for commercial bookings and family work, such as baby photography. During the week, venues like the Town Hall are used for exhibitions, trade fairs, arts events and antique markets, all of which can increase their profile through a good local photographer. Ilford businesses also use commercial photographers for advertising and brochure work.

If you want a baby photographer or a family photographer in Ilford, this is one area in which Ross Holding specialises. Whether in his studio or on location, he gets superb results no matter how young the sitter is.