Find a Photographer in Dagenham

A town forever associated with its team of female bagpipe players, recording local events is just one reason for hiring a photographer in Dagenham. We at Ross Holding Photography offer a full range of services, including portrait, wedding and corporate photography.

Dagenham is also the home of the Ford Motor Company, which was the inspiration for the movie �Made in Dagenham.� All vehicle assembly stopped here in 2002, although the plant continues to assemble car engines. Other major names associated with the area include May & Baker and Ever Ready Batteries. Neither exist today, but Dagenham falls within the London Riverside section of the Thames Gateway plan, offering plenty of employment to the corporate photographer. Dagenham�s riverside residential developments also brought an influx of new residents, ensuring a constant supply of work for the wedding and portrait photographer too.

Dagenham at first glance doesn�t appear to have much history, but delve deeper and it�s another story. Dagenham was included in a 7th century charter of Barking Abbey, and by 1205 was large enough to have its own chaplain. This is good news for engaged couples, who have the beautiful 13th century parish church of St Peter and St Paul to get married in. Although we at Ross Holding Photography can provide a wedding photographer in Dagenham at short notice, popular venues like this can get booked up fairly quickly, so you need to plan ahead. When it comes to the reception, there are a number of venues in which a photographer in Dagenham might be seen, ranging from a tavern built on the site of an old toll-gate, to the 13th century Valence House Museum.

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