Family Photographer in Essex

Memories of our families are both precious and fleeting; children only grow up once, after all. By booking a session with a family photographer, Essex families can capture and hold those special moments forever. At Ross Holding Photography, we can't stop the clock, but we can do the next best thing - create a beautiful portrait of you and your loved ones, reflecting a moment frozen in time.

Family is the most important thing in our lives. The job of a family photographer in Essex is to capture those special bonds in a beautifully posed portrait that you will be proud to hang on your wall. Children grow up and parents age, but with a family photographer, Essex families can keep those memories fresh and young forever.

It's easy to put off having a family portrait done, but think about the people who are most important to you now - your partner, your parents, your children, even the family pet. Family life is a story that deserves to be told, but the trouble is finding a family photographer in Essex who can tell it with flair. What you don't want are stiff, formally posed shots where everyone wears a cheesy smile. Studio shoots are fine - though we also shoot at outdoor locations as well as clients' homes. Pictures should portray real emotions and relationships, with the group looking happy and relaxed in natural rather than fixed poses. Years down the line, you should be able to instantly connect with the memory; otherwise, the portrait becomes meaningless, however technically perfect it is.

You need special qualities to be a successful family photographer. Essex families come in all shapes and sizes, from aunties who hate being photographed to squabbling siblings and fractious toddlers. Then there is all the fretting about clothing, make-up and what poses to strike. Here at Ross Holding Photography, we take all these things in our stride to create unique memories you will treasure forever.