Finding new products

Whenever I go anywhere, I always try to look around for ideas. You don’t have to go to another Photographic Studio you don’t even have to look at another Photographers work. Ideas are everywhere around us. We just have to open our eyes and let our imagination to work.

I have just had an idea about a new style of a 9 image montage in 1 frame. Some of you might already know that I already offer 9 in 1s which is 9 photographs put together in different styles, with different frames etc. The new one I am talking about is the same thing just the layout and the style and sizes of the images are different. I have been working on this for the past three hours, and I can happily say now, that it has put on my website <> and you can check it out by clicking onto Portfolio and Portrait section. It is the third picture down from the top. There, you can also see the different styles of 9 in 1s. There is one right above it, which is the more traditional style.

As you can probably see, they are both done in my studio and are both displaying children. Don’t think that’s the only use for 9 in 1s. They also are great for displaying those wedding photographs. If you are on a budget, or if you can’t just choose one favorite photograph to go on the wall, this is a perfect way to resolve the problem. They do prove to be very popular with everyone and since I have started producing them, there isn’t many people walking away without one of those.

You can have them displayed in different sizes too. And I am not only talking about bigger size of frame to display bigger photos. No. You can have lets say 50inch x 50inch frame and whichever layout and style you choose, you can have it stretched so there isn’t much wasted space around the photographs on the inside of frame, or you can have lots of wasted space around them. Wasted space – sounds crazy doesn’t it? You are probably thinking, why would anyone want wasted space there? But believe me, it does look great. It is a more modern contemporary style, but it looks great it any house. You could always come to Ross Holding Photography and just check it out.

It also makes an amazing gift for anyone. However if you don’t want to spend that much money, you could always purchase a gift card from Ross Holding Photography and put as much money as you wish to spend onto it, starting from £30.00. Just log onto <> and click on the voucher on the main page. It’s in like an orange star. I actually think that that might be a better option for my customers as you are getting more for your money.

If you buy the voucher, you will get a 1 hour of fun in the studio which by the way is normally £20.00, you will also get a contemporary framed print which normally costs £105.00 and this also includes the sitting fee. If you don’t fancy the print, you can always speak to Ross Holding or his PA Sarka and they could work something out for you. All you need to do is call and tell them exactly what you want. Actually you don’t even need to call. You could just go onto their website <> , click on Contact us and fill in the Enquiry Form. When you do that, Ross Holding or Sarka will call you as soon as or you can ask them to call you when convenient for you.

Don’t forget, Ross Holding Photography is one of the best Photographers in Essex.

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