Playgroup Sessions

September 4th, 2015

Even Mum & Dad jump in and have their photos taken with their children at the playgroup’s i photograph. I have spent a lot of time on the computer this past three of months, doing airbrushing and colour correction. I do that with all the photographs for all customers but this time of the year is non stop as I have the playgroups orders to be done pretty much at the same time and still doing photo shoots in the studio, parties, weddings or photo shoots at customers houses. Not forgetting it’s almost Christmas and lots of people want it as a present for their family.

I have about twenty five playgroups this time of the year and each playgroup has around 35 – 60 children so you can imagine. But it’s all good and I really appreciate it and think myself lucky.

In playgroups it’s obviously mainly babies but mums bring their older children along a lot of times to have their pictures taken along with their siblings. The quality of my playgroup photos is as good as studio work and that’s why lots of mums chose to bring their older ones too and why I do get a lot of repeat business.

Bar Mitzvah

July 20th, 2014

On Sunday I went to Camden Town to capture the day of Bar Mitzvah. It’s a traditional celebration for Jewish people. I have never been to one before and didn’t know exactly what to expect. I like all those different cultures and learning a bit about it so I was really keen to go. I originally thought it might be like Christening but learned that it’s a celebration when young boys become men. I have been given the traditional hat they wear and it all looked very nice. In the evening we’ve had a buffet style meal and everyone was laughing and having a great time.

Capturing the day was quite easy even though it didn’t finish until 11:00 pm. People were more than happy to have their photos taken and were extremely organised. This has lead me to now doing a wedding for their family.

Nursery’s and My imac ram upgrade

July 3rd, 2014

We have got another Nursery to photograph tomorrow. This one is in Canning Town, London, E16. Its called Hub Nursery. We are finding we are photographing more and more nursery’s as the years go on which is great. It can sometimes be hard work though getting great shots in a limited time as each nursery has 20 children upwards to photograph but due to our 18 years of experience we do get some fantastic shots and the parents are very often surprised and ask “how did we get him to laugh like that, i can never get him to do that!!” Each child has between 3 to 9 shots taken (depending on the child’s response) and the parents can choose any size and once the orders are returned their images will have the post production done on them – airbrushing of blemishes, sharpening etc – the end result is STUDIO QUALITY IMAGES!!.

The ordering process is extremely simple. Parents get proofs, I receive the orders, post production and printing takes place, the finished photos are then delivered by hand, post or courier.

With most images taken I do manage to get smiles from the children due to 18 years of trying to make children laugh and relax. I have been told on many occasions how good I am with children and how well I interact with them and manage to get great shots when sometimes they are quite adamant not to have them done to begin with.

You can see a lot of my samples at my web site under the portrait section in portfolio. Also I am able to come and meet you in person to show you my work if you wish.

I have just upgraded the RAM for my studio computer to 4 MB. it has made it alot quicker and it was really easy to install. i got the RAM from which gave a really great service and quick delivery. In my office i have one Mac G5 and a Mac Pro. These computers are great for speed which is really important in doing the post production of my photos. Sometimes with nursery photography/childrens photography and wedding photography we are doing up to 200 images per day so you do need a good computer for all that work load.