Baby Photography in Essex

It takes a special level of patience and skill to do baby photography. At Ross Holding Photography, we have those qualities in abundance, creating unique records of those beautiful new months of life for families from Barking to Dagenham.

When booking baby photography in Essex, there's more than the quality of the images to consider. Babies change incredibly quickly, especially in those early weeks, and every image captured is a moment in time - so you want to be sure that those captured by your photographer are safeguarded. At Ross Holding Photography, we offer multiple levels of security, from back-up camera memory cards to back-up cloud storage by an external company.

When arranging baby photography, Essex parents will want a portfolio tracing the total development of their child, from a tiny new-born to toddling and walking. The perfect scenario is to find a photographer they can work with again and again, who has the creativity and flair to capture the essence of the child at each stage of development. For example, the innocent beauty of new-borns can be captured by putting them on cushions, baskets and even a parent's back. This is the time when shots can be truly creative and artistic; a flower vase with a few catkins works wonders next to a sleeping angel covered in rose petals. Very young babies often have an assortment of blotches, marks and other imperfections, but they don't have to make it into the family album - professional post-processing tools can work wonders.